What to Explore in Paris More Than City?

Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world. Millions of people have already visited this city and still continue to visit every year, so perhaps there is no place in Paris, that must have not been photographed and also shared on various social media. Lots of mysteries about the Paris are shared by people.

However, still people visit and explore something new in this fascinating city of Paris.

Why not go for a boat tour, but not Seine this time

Boat tours on the Seine River is one of the main activities among visitors, however that is ok if you are first-time visitor to Paris. However, if it is your second or third visit then you need to think something new. Why not take a boat tour to some other canals as Paris has got a big network of waterways. One can go for exploring Marine river this time.

Enjoy any film in Paris

In Paris, there can be hundreds of new film releases almost every week and the charming old picture-houses of the city can be great place to stay away from cold or heat, the crowd and enjoy your time. People in Paris take cinema very seriously. In case you too are really interested in any film-history and their origins of celluloid, then you may visit “Cinémathèque Française” film centre.

Attend any diverse festival

Paris often hosts many different kinds of annual events, which may be quite unusual. Many such events can be free or it can be quite pocket friendly. It may be well known among locals, but maybe totally unknown to visitors. Paris’s Indian community celebrates “Ganesh” festival which is totally unique, where people play music dance and many other cultural events each year. You too can join their festival and dance on their unique tune and enjoy a new cultural program something that you never ever thought of.

Stare at the city’s any eccentric shops

You can continue with your self-guided tour and try to explore all weird and wonderful things in Paris. Visit to any strangest shop of the city and stare at the old-world curiosity cabinets. Don’t get surprised if you end up coming back to home carrying a taxidermized ostrich or rat. Also, you may find a medieval cookbook published by a local bookseller or any vintage item from a flea market.  Even if you don’t intend to buy anything then you can spend your time staring at any old-fashioned item.

Flight Simulator

If you had dream about becoming an airline pilot, then you can explore a place where you will get a chance to pilot really an actual Boeing-737. This is a simulated aeroplane and you will act as a captain and will choose your next destination along with any professional pilot.

Helicopter ride in Paris

You can also prefer to take a seat in any helicopter which can take you much above the Paris city. This journey will give you a nice panorama of the capital and then you can land with beautiful images that your eyes will carry during the helicopter ride.

Engage in playing an escape Game

If you like adventure and dreamed about solving a mystery in a haunted mansion then escape games are just perfect for you. There are escape games available to play in the city and there are more rooms here which you don’t usually find anywhere else. These games are played with diversified themes like for example burglary, science-fiction, historic heritage and much more. You can always find something for all kinds of taste.

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