Travelling to Canada

Reasons for your trip to Canada

The Canadians

Canadians are friendly, helpful, open and always ready for a chat.

During my four months in Canada, I met only one really unfriendly person. Well, and my dubious car salesman, who turned me on a grubby car.

When you walk the streets, there is always a friendly atmosphere and you see many smiling faces.

But most of all I was impressed by the helpfulness and confidence.

The wonderful lakes

Canada’s lakes are blue, turquoise, or green and beautiful. Some reflect the environment, others inspire by their color or shape.

It is worth visiting Canada‘s lakes, not just the most famous lakes such as Lake Louise, Peyto Lake or Moraine Lake.

My favorite picture of a lake was created on the hike to the Teahouse on Lake Agnes.


In Canada, you have the opportunity to see many animals in the wild. There are sugar-sweet chipmunks, squirrels always and everywhere, but also beaver and marmots can be discovered.

The wildlife in Canada is varied and varied and there is much more to see than bears and moose. How about whale watching on Canada’s shores?

Not everyone is fortunate enough to discover all the animals on their trip to Canada, but it is not only worthwhile traveling to this country because of the animals.

Lonely beaches

At beach vacation you certainly do not think when I speak of Canada. But why not?

Canada has a lot of great beaches. For example on Toronto Island or the beaches in Vancouver . There is always something going on here and you will not be able to enjoy being alone on the beach.

We discovered a lot of beautiful secluded beaches on our trip through Canada. And often by chance. It was not necessarily bathing weather, but a beach walk is wonderful in any weather!

Outdoor activities

Do you feel like canoeing through the wonderful nature? You want to exhaust yourself while hiking? Riding amid breathtaking landscapes has always been your dream? Rafting in raging rivers or would you rather be on the road?

Welcome to Canada. All this and much, much more you can experience on your trip to Canada. The Canadians are super active and somehow always out there. I have never seen so many joggers as in Canada.

If you feel like action in nature, Canada is the destination for you.

Wonderful accommodations

The variety of accommodation is great and there is something for everyone. So of course there are hostels and hotels but also a lot of individual and beautiful accommodations that are totally different.

Special requirement

Submit the application for the electronic entry permit a few weeks before departure . Although approval is often granted within a few minutes, a more thorough review is required in individual cases. Then you will receive a message within 72 hours and may be requested to submit further documentation. The exam itself can then take several weeks. So do not take unnecessary risk and plan ahead.