Outdoor Vacation Ideas for the Adventurer in You

If you want to enjoy an off the beaten path vacation that doesn’t just include a stay in a plush hotel, then there are plenty of outdoor vacation ideas for you to consider.


Camping doesn’t have to be roughing it, and you can add some luxury to your outdoor vacation with glamping. Glamping is the best of both camping and more luxurious conditions, so you get to experience both. It takes away any stressful or and uncomfortable aspects of camping. You get to still be in nature, but you can enjoy a bed and hot water. One of the best parts about camping is gazing up at the stars and really truly enjoying being in nature. You can find glamping facilities throughout the country, including by the beach, in the mountains, and near national parks.

New Adventures

There are plenty of outdoor vacation ideas that allow for you to experience something you have never experienced before and provide once in a lifetime adventures. Stay the night in a treehouse and be immersed in nature, or sleep at a nature preserve and be up close and personal with the animals. For true adventurers, try swimming with sharks. If swimming with sharks is too adventurous for your taste, try horseback riding on the beach. New adventures can be found anywhere; the hard part is choosing what you want to do.

Chartering a Yacht

When you charter a yacht, you can enjoy a vacation on your terms. Whatever outdoor adventure strikes your fancy, you can enjoy it while on your own private yacht that lets you have control of your own flexible schedule. Chartered yachts will provide a luxury experience, so you can still enjoy all the outdoors has to offer while being relaxed. Charting a yacht allows you to go to different islands that you may never have a chance to experience. Explore the Caribbean or even the Mediterranean and get out in the water.

Explore National Parks in an RV

There are plenty of national parks to explore, no matter what part of the country you are in. This may not be as luxurious as some of the outdoor adventures listed, but you still get to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Make a road trip out of it and spend a few days at each park you want to visit, exploring the sites and enjoying the fresh air. If you want to choose one place to go to explore many parks, try St. George, Utah, where you can explore Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and Cedar Breaks National Monument all within a three-hour drive of the city.