Memorable Excursion to Egypt’s Hurghada and El Gouna

Egypt is famous for its amazing culture and history: The Sphinx, ancient pyramids and apparently unlimited temples and sanctuaries around the Nile. But have you ever thought of choosing Egypt for your next dream beach holiday vacation? Outside the city of Cairo, there are various spots where life moves a slower pace. You’ll discover top-notch spas, pristine shorelines, unlimited water sports, luxurious and comfortable resorts and much more. Here are the two spots to visit in Egypt in case you’re hoping to unwind your next Ausflüge Delfintour.

A Single day in Hurghada

  • Mind-blowing beaches and life-changing diving sites: this two killer combination brings a considerable number of visitors from around the globe to Hurghada Egypt. It offers a wide range of activities. You can obviously go for SCUBA diving for close views of marine life and coral reefs. You can likewise choose a glass-base boat tour to get a view of underwater without getting wet. Other choices incorporate windsurfing and taking a voyage to explore the famous Giftun Islands.

  • On land, you’ll discover a lot of ways to entertain and relax yourself too during Hurghada Excursions. Appreciate nightlife by visiting Hurghada’s shops and try one of its eateries. Also, go towards the desert for a totally unique landscape. Hurghada is just a few hours from Luxor, so you can visit some acclaimed temples on the same excursion.

  • Numerous hotels offer camel rides on their premises. You can likewise take a camel ride while visiting Bedouins. Simply ensure you pay forthright because some camel proprietors will charge an expense to get on the camel and after that another expense to get off.

  • If you want to enjoy more adventure, you can book an excursion through the desert on motorbikes. Simply visit the Hurghada Motorsport Center to lease quads and get your group gathered to ride through the mountains and twisty desert roads.

A lovely El Gouna Excursions

  • Located around a 30-minute from Hurghada, the resort town of El Gouna is a calmer, smaller option; however it has still plenty to do! You can enjoy practically any water sport here, from SCUBA diving to windsurfing. Various watercraft cruises depart regularly from El Gouna Excursions.

  • The pleasant Downtown or the beautiful Marina can without much of a stretch be reached on a walk or by exploiting the El Gouna public transport. From El Gouna, you can set out on adventurous journeys wandering the desert, investigating the Red Sea or visiting the cultural destinations of old history.

  • You can visit the historical destinations from El Gouna in a one-day excursion: The incomparable Pyramids of Gizeh or Luxor and its glorious sanctuaries and the Valley of the Kings are sites you must visit.

  • Lodging here will, in general, be upscale, and there are likewise fantastic spas, top-notch food, shopping, and even a small historical center. El Gouna is perfect in case you want to appreciate tennis, horseback riding, or golf amid vacation. By and large, this Red Sea resort town will in all likelihood you don’t want to leave.

These two destinations are the ideal spots for any excursion. They consolidate a wide range of leisure exercises with an exquisite waterfront view, intriguing culture, and a warm climate. If that wasn’t enough, these spots could fill in as bases for treks into the desert and to extraordinary historical sites. Be that as it may, regardless of whether you never leave the shoreline, you’ll be blessed to receive the absolute best marine life, water sports, and pleasant coastline the world brings to the table.