How to Learn About and Begin a Career in the Field of HVAC

HVAC is short for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning; as well as heating, ventilation and any type of air conditioning. This is the technology of vehicular and indoor environmental comfort. The goal in learning about this is to provide thermal comfort and indoor air quality that is acceptable. HVAC is a sub-specialty of mechanical engineering, using the principals of thermodynamic, and the transfer of heat. This is the science of keeping indoors more comfortable than the outdoors is in homes, businesses and even in means of transportation.

Get training

There are many ways to get the training you need to be a professional in heat and air conditioning – HVAC training is everywhere. In many big cities the newest way to get training is to work with one of the many “pay as you learn” companies. These companies usually teach everything involved in HVAC and electric work and pay you while you learn.


Professional contractors are always looking to improve their current HVA system skills and signing up to work with them is a good way to learn a lot of things about plumbing electricity and HVAC.


Online you can also learn from the many various videos that are available such as:

  • Basics of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Impact or Regional Standards
  • Mobile Apps Explained – Emerson Climate Technologies
  • Understanding Compressor Electronics – webinar explain compressor electronic

Or, you can also learn HVAC at almost any college and be finished in as little as 10 months; with your certification ready to go.


This is a good career to be in as each day new and innovative products and ideas are coming into this market place. When you are educated in this field and keep up with the new technology you can make a very good salary for yourself and your family.