3 Adventures To Take In Montreal

Before we start listing the best adventures that you can take in Montreal, we understand three things to do Montreal is not enough as there are tons of things to do in Montreal. We can list down everything that you can do in the country, but we’ll also be mentioning a few important things before going to the city.

5 Things to Consider Before Visiting Montreal

Visiting another country takes a lot of important papers to process, as it would help you ensure that you have a smooth and safe journey. Here are the things that you need to prepare before visiting Montreal:

  1. Prepare a Canada ETA

Some countries are allowed to enter Canada without a visa, but ever since ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization has become an obligatory act, a visa-free country would need it to enter Canada. If you are not an American citizen, you should apply for an ETA Canada Canada Visa.

  1. Learn About the City

If you are visiting a particular place in Canada, like for example Montreal, then you should learn about their rules, culture, tourist’s spots, and other things that are worth learning about.

  1. Prepare a Travel Insurance

If you have a specific type of illness that attacks in unexpected moments like asthma or heart disease, or if you are planning on doing some dangerous adventures and other outdoor activities that could get you hurt, then you might want to get yourself protected with travel insurance.

Getting admitted to a hospital in another country costs so much that you might go back home with an empty bank. With travel insurance, you can protect yourself from paying large medical bills.

  1. Information About Alcohol Consumption

In Canada, the legal drinking age in Manitoba, Quebec, and Alberta in 18 years old. As for the other countries, their legal drinking age is 19. If you have brought along a minor with you during your journey, make sure that you let them know about this rule.

  1. Emergency Information

If you need to contact an emergency service during your stay in Montreal, take note that their number for emergency services is 911. Whether you need to call the police, firefighters, or medical services, call the given number.

3 Adventures to Try in Montreal

There are a lot of amazing experiences that you can do in Montreal, but we would only be mentioning a few of them that is among the best be sure to have yours. If you are the kind of person who craves for ultimate adrenaline, then you would surely love these adventures that we are about to list down.

Here are the best adventures that you could try in one of the largest cities in Canada:

  1. Parachute Montreal

If you are looking for something extreme to do in the town, then you might want to try Parachute Montreal. The location for this activity is just about 45 minutes from the city center. This is perfect if you are not planning on getting too far from the city. This extreme activity provides a unique experience for the beginners, intermediate, and advanced people.

This activity lasts about 2 to 3 hours depending on your skill and the height of the jump. The package costs around $199 to $369 per person, and it should be booked before the day of the dive.

  1. Flyboard Extreme

Do you want to know how it feels to fly with some jet underneath your feet for the day? Then you might want to try Montreal’s “Flyboard,” which is a hybrid between a kitesurf and a wakeboard. This type of water jet board is capable of propelling you about 10 to 45 feet above the water.

Once you step on this board, your supervisor will handle the height and speed of the board that you can travel from. The price for this activity ranges from $99 to $280. You can also book online for an appointment.


  1. The Great Canadian Bungee

Up for another falling experience? If the idea of bungee jumping from a clip excites you, the Great Canadian Bungee would surely satisfy your craving for an extreme adventure. The bridge jump is about 100 feet high and about 160 feet deep, if you have a weak heart, then this type of experience is not for you.

Final Thoughts:

Now you can go to Canada by securing the necessary documents such as the Canada Visa or the Canada ETA. And here are the most extreme adventures that you can take in Montreal. If these activities are too intense for you, don’t worry as there are some activities that you can try in the city that is suitable for all ages. All you need to do is to find out where to locate them.